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L00K iNSiDE MY HEART, i CANN0T BE WH0 Y0U WANT ME T0 BE. I CAN 0NLii BE... ME [entries|friends|calendar]


Davina . 14-07 . London . Pinay . Rainbow . Involved . 200905 . Torn <3 God-daughter . Writing . Music . Poetry . Photoshop

90% Friends Only
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WOW! [Monday, September 20th 2010]
Haven't been here in forever! Almost forgotten how to use this. I had surgery for my abdomen 2 days ago & I became an aunt a week ago.

Keep in touch. Come find me!




Skype: davina.1986



Bonjour [Friday, October 6th 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

I am alive... I moved back to London and haven't got a net connection... but I'll get online tomorrow and post a huge update. Love to all ♥


Water Runs Dry [Sunday, February 5th 2006]
[ mood | guilty ]

Boyz II Men
Water Runs Dry

We don’t even talk anymore
And we don’t even know what we argue about
Don’t even say I love you no more
Cuz saying how we feel is no longer allowed
Some people will work things out
And some just don’t know how to change

Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We might watch our whole lives pass us by
Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We’ll make the biggest mistake of our lives
Don’t do it baby

Now they can see the tears in our eyes
But we deny the pain that lies deep in our hearts
Well maybe that’s a pain we can’t hide
Cuz everybody knows that we’re both torn apart
Why do we hurt each other
Why do we push love away

Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We might watch our whole lives pass us by
Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry
We’ll make the biggest mistake of our lives
Don’t do it baby


New Year [Friday, December 30th 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This is the last chance I'll get to post this side of the New Year... hope you all have a good 1. I'll update properly in a week or so. God Bless, people x


Motorbikes & Manchester Pride [Wednesday, August 24th 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yesterday I was on thisCollapse ) for around 3 hours...

And I was holding on to himCollapse ) for dear life.

And today by butt, back, arms and thighs are sore =o( But I had fun and now I wanna buy one =o)



Flat Hunt [Monday, August 22nd 2005]
[ mood | blah ]

Don't you sometimes wish that the story of our lives had been written in pencil so it would be so much easier to erase the unwanted parts and jus start over? Unfortunately, pencils and erasers were invented centuries after the book of lives was written and what the "powers that be" used seem ineffaceable. The perennial question popped in my head again today, after months of actually evading it... "What are you going to do with the rest of your life?"

I have no answer to that question. At this moment I'm living on a "take each day as it comes" vibe, which isn't a good thing =/

Today has been less productive than I'd hoped. As I am, in fact, moving to London in approximately 4 weeks and 4 days, I thought I should look for a flat... and how hard can that be? Well, I've been looking for nearly 8 hours and have come up with absolutely NOTHING... nada... zilch.

On top of that, mum keeps telling me to stay in Bournemouth. Even though a few days ago she was telling me to "do what'll make me happy".

On a different note, I went to McDonalds this morning and was pleasantly surprised that I got 2 Big macs for the price of 1. Then my gran fried me some breakfast. Yummy... but that can't be good for my weight ='o(

I think I've complained enough, so I'm out people x


Weekend Wit My Babyboy [Monday, August 15th 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I spent the weekend in LondonCollapse )

I don't really like Ku Bar... someone said I looked too "ghetto" to be in there... when I'm really not "ghetto"...

But it was a shit night, so we were home by like 11pm... on a Saturday night... and proceeded to get lean as hell

And while I'm actually making an effort to post pictures... heres my God-daughterCollapse )


This Is SO Funny If You Understand Why It's Funny... [Wednesday, August 3rd 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

Are you really Filipino?Collapse )


Mr & Mrs Smith [Tuesday, August 2nd 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

New layout... still under construction, but what you think? I'm not sure if I like it that much and I'm thinking of changing it, so all feedback will be appreciated, positive or otherwise.


Guess Who Back?! [Wednesday, July 27th 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well, I'm back from the Philippine Islands... had a great time... yeah I cried when I left... I'm a sentimental schmuck =/ Had lots of fun... if I'm honest I didn't really wanna come home... but such is life. I will make further posts about my holiday in the next few days... with pictures =o)

While I was out there, even if only for a month... I realised alot about people in my life... what they mean to me and what I mean to them etc. Not only have I finally accepted that me and a certain individual will never be... but I genuinely think that we are better as friends. Even thought it took a while... I'm happy that I can accept it, because having an underlying desire for the same person for so long... and having so much heartache and emotion... hoping that 1 day something will come of it, is emotionally exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I can't turn my feelings on and off as I please... but for too many years now, I've felt the same. It only needed for me to accept the truth, for things to change. If I didn't change those things... I realise I'd be waiting forever.

To sum it all up, people say that absense makes the heart grow fonder but whilst I was away, absence made my heart grow wiser. Take that as you will.

So... for want of a better cliché... this is the start of my new life. I sound like a new age hippy when I say that, but my heart is free once again... for the first time in a long while.

I'm at a nice position in my life right now... just where I wanna be... with having no obligation to making another person happy. That's what I love most about single life... having "me" time again.

On another note... I love this song... Obsession by Frankie J featuring Baby Bash... if you don't know, then get to know. It reminds me of my holiday... of my cousin... of my God-daughter... that's where my life is right now. Its the only place I would up and move to in a heartbeat... with no regrets and no looking back. Of course I wouldn't right now, because the way of life is much harder... but coming from this country, its refreshing.

I've had alot of fun since I've been back... the other night I saw Robby P... he read me Dr Seuss and then I fell asleep watching Lil Pimp. Yesterday I saw my friend Chloe who I went to school with. After 2(ish) years it was nice to catch up.

On that note... she's not the only old friend I've had back in my life recently... there is another person... who I was so tight with before but we've fallen out again and again and again over the past 2 years. Let's hope it lasts this time, eh?

Jody - Congrats on the fat bubba... wanna se pickatures

Bex - Missed you. Letter's on its way love x

Nikki - Well, jus thought I'd say that I'm now scared of your wife

Sid - Holla at me and lemme know you're still alive

Mo - Where you at stranger?!


Philippines [Wednesday, June 29th 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

Ok people, I'm off to the Philippines again. Back on the 23rd July =o)

I'll be able to get online once in a while. Love you all x


Nottingham [Monday, June 27th 2005]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Dear Heart... I'm seeing $ today...

Prepare to break...

Miami Heat [Tuesday, June 21st 2005]
[ mood | hot ]

Sun in shining =o) Apparantly temperature in Bournemouth was hotter than Miami over the weekend. Beach has been packed for days...


Sat at my computer writing an essay on pyrophiliacs - people who get off on starting fires =/ White magnum in hand, Lil Mo on rotation... this song makes me reminisce...

I've had more than my fair share of fat days recently... but have no desire to do anything about it until I'm back off holiday because I'm gonna put on SO much weight eating all the food =] I'm gonna weight myself before and after so I know exactly what I need to lose!

Philippines in 8 days, possibly London this weekend... Lewis needs a D & Lulu hug and we need some long-awaited time together.

Getting on well with La Familia, I have great friends... Life is officially... great =]

I can't help thinking that I've jus jinxed myself =/


Last Day Of College [Friday, June 17th 2005]
[ mood | rushed ]

This is gonna be my last sleepless night in a LONG while =o)

Ok, 2 and a half assignments to go... plus mopping up 6 tasks of 6 other separate assignments... and only about 8 hours left =/

[EDIT] - I haven't had a wink of sleep but I'm so hyper =o) 4 hours and 4 tasks left... can I get a HELL YEAH?! [/EDIT]


Constant Rambling [Tuesday, June 14th 2005]
[ mood | sad ]

Went to see Mr and Mrs Smith on Sunday night... it was muy good.

My College deadline was pushed back to Friday again *e-sigh* It's a good thing, don't get me wrong... but I wish I knew where I stood. In the past 2 years of this course, I don't there has been once where I was in the know... and I have so much work that I feel like crying =o(

Livejournal should have an anti-angst sensor... then I wouldnt write half the shit that I do, and you might actually get suttin decent outta me instead of me blatantly procrastinating =/

As of Friday, I will be a free agent =o) Sod's Law says that my tutor will call me up on Monday morning and tell me they need me in College cuz suttin happened to my coursework. Lets place bets on what happens. My take is that somebody breaks into College and steals everyones coursework. I can see it now.

However, if I'm lucky, my Sundays for the next 3 months will take on a whole new feel now that they won't be followed by Monday mornings. Well they will be... but you kno what I mean.

Until Friday, I am going to work craploads... and not do much else. Planification =o)

This post is banal and essentially pointless, and for the very good reason that I am going to play the stoic for the rest of this week. Good day x

PS. MJ not guilty? I'm not sure he fiddled that boy... but if he can describe Jacko's penis, suttins not quite right. On Radio 1 they played a clip of 1 of the members of the jury... who stated that the turning point of her verdict was when Janet Arvizo clicked her fingers at him? Surely, if the other 11 of them used equally shit reasons, we got some problems right there ~1~


Stolen From Ashlee [Wednesday, June 8th 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

Do This!

One secret.
One criticism.
One compliment.
One love note.
One time you betrayed someone.
One quote.
Lyrics to a song.
How old you are.
Hint to who you are.



Collegizzle [Tuesday, June 7th 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

Well I handed in like 6 assignments yesterday so I was well proud... everyone's so behind that our deadline is extended til next Friday... those 4 days will make ALL the difference

My tutor jus called me... the Monday deadline sticks =o(


Naked Saturday [Sunday, May 29th 2005]
[ mood | busy ]

So... Big Brother 6... watcha all think? I'm SO in love wit Kemal! He's so cute!

DoctorsCollapse )

My last day of College is the 13th June... and I thought it was impossible to get ALL my work in before then. However, I've now been told that my provisional deadline is in fact, this Tuesday! Which means I have 2 days left to complete all work... and as of yet, I can't see any form of light at the end of the tunnel.

On top of that, my brother has a deadline on Friday... and because I'm a mug, I told him I'd do his work. 3 assignments for £200 and my car sound system sorted out. Not a bad deal me thinks... considering I need new speakers and he's gonna whack an AMP in there for me. I have no idea what 1 of them duz but it makes me sound uber cool. Using the word uber, however, does not =/

I might be going to the Philippines on 30th June now, instead of in July... which means I'll be spending my birthday out there =o( I wanted to go the day after my birthday simply because I really didn't wanna spend my birthday out there, but I'll learn to live with it. As long as I'm back in the UK in time for my results and Manchester Pride ;o) OMG I'm so excited, I could jus dance around butt nekked... I wont tho lol.

However, in honour of tradition... the Saturday of Manchester Pride is officially NAKED SATURDAY! If you don't know... then get to know ;o)

If you're going to Manchester Pride, theres still rooms at the Manchester Central hotel at www.travellodge.co.uk, which is like a 5 minute walk from the village, but everywhere closer is booked up already. Check it out and if you stay there you can join in on the nakedness LMAO!


Quick, short, pointless post [Monday, May 23rd 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

My Baby's back from Liverpool for the Summer =o) He's working at the Gay club all Summer so I won't get to spend that much time with him til MANCHESTER PRIDE BABY =o)

And now he's back I can finally get that Burberry outta my drawer to give to him... it was beginning to taint all my stuff with its cheap-crapness.

I'm waffling... I'm in my "Forensic Fire Investigation" lesson at the moment printing off interviewing techniques for my next lesson. Blah.

O... and "Go Arsenal"... I'm probly gonna get alot of shit for that comment =/

PS. Who left me that anonymous comment on my last entry?


Gizoogle [Tuesday, May 17th 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

So Vee informed me about www.gizoogle.com, which is apparantly the ghetto version of google lol... heres a few things that left me creasin (I'm too lazy to put it behind a cut)...





And my personal favourite...Collapse )


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